Camsoft deliver high quality bespoke software solutions to a number of industries.

Using our expierence companies have been able to develop automation applications that streamline their business and help to retain data integrity.

Examples include:

  • UK Land registry Business Gateway integration. Using the distributed services we were able to build an automated application that allowed a bulk remortgage solicitors to streamline their information feeds. From the point of the solicitors instruction to act all information retrieval was done via automated applications meaning that data was 100% correct as users didn’t have any information to enter. These services were integrated with the solicitors case management system meaning that it was seamless to the user.
  • We have helped a national haulier to integrate information to a number of distributed depots. Using an application and web services depots have been able to push and pull data to a central hub. Depots also receive information through email integrations and regular reminders.
  • We have helped a number of clients to automate a number of business critical reports that go direct to clients. The cost savings through time keeping means that other business critical issues can be dealt with.

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